Water well Drilling program

BAUER Technologies South Africa (Pty) Ltd has been working succesfully in Ghana since 2009.

For the mine drainage we drilled Large Diameter Dewatering Wells up to 250 m. BTSA uses a RB40 Prakla Universal Drill Rig for drilling.

The typical drilling profile is as follows:

0 -  40 m        17 - 1/2"      direct circulation
                     13 - 3/8"      steel-casing installation
40 - 250 m       8 - 1/2"      DTH-Hammer drilling
40 - 250 m     12 - 1/4"      DTH-Hammer Reaming
0 - 250 m       Installation of PVC DN 250

Whilst drilling Yield tests for positioning of the PVC Screen and PVC Plain casing takes place. This method was also used for hydrological Explorations for potential mining sites up to 370 m. New contracts extending the spectrum of community-water well supply and exploration of hydrogeological studies for undergroundmining.

Therefore BAUER founded an new company with the name BAUER Resources Ghana Ltd.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Andreas Ulonska (Phone: +233 302 544 113; E-Mail:


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