Welcome at BAUER Technologies South Africa Ltd.

BAUER Technologies South Africa has been established in South Africa in 1999. BAUER Technologies South Africa and its sister companies in Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Ghana, Senegal and Morocco are part of the BAUER Group [link] of Companies.


The global activities of the BAUER Group are split in three main fields comprising the design, manufacture and supply of various drilling and foundation equipment, civil engineering projects for piling and other special foundation requirements and the execution of turnkey services in the fields of water and energy, mineral resources drilling and environmental engineering. Some 12,000 employees contributed approx. EUR 1.8 billion annual group turnover in 2019.


The BAUER Resources group hosts several specialized drilling companies from deep vertical, inclined or directional core drilling to hydro mining and large diameter deep exploration drilling in Canada and wide bulk sample drilling as well as deeper exploration and water drilling in Australia and Africa.


In Africa, drilling projects have been executed in 15 countries from operational hubs in Luanda, Accra, Johannesburg, Dakar and Kenitra for coordination and support of projects in the Southern and West African region.


Our equipment fleet features the universal RB 40 drilling rig on a 6x6 MAN carrier. This multipurpose drilling rig allows for direct and reverse circulation drilling as well as DTH and wire-line coring. Borehole drilling services comprise drilling and installation work, well development, pump installation and testing.


Where required, the borehole installation parts are preferably sourced from our group sister company GERMAN WATER and ENERGY GROUP (GWE). GWE in Germany specializes in design and supply of high quality well equipment in PVC, (stainless) steel and epoxy materials. PVC borehole casings and materials are duly designed, tested and certified for installation depths beyond 300 m.